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Center for Global Culture and Communication

The Center for Global Culture and Communication (CGCC) was founded in 2002 as an interdepartmental forum for bringing together School of Communication faculty and students to address the emerging importance of globalization in communication studies. No theme better captures the intellectual challenges of the new century than globalization, especially as mediated by cultural flows and communication technology; and no academic unit of Northwestern University is better positioned to address those challenges than the School of Communication. Although established in the School of Communication, the CGCC offers the opportunity for interdisciplinary scholarly exchanges to members of all Northwestern academic units.

2013 Events
Lectures and Workshops

February 1

Lisa Wedeen (University of Chicago)
“Ideology and Humor in Dark Times: Notes From Syria”
Ripton Room, Scott Hall, 4 p.m.

February 7-8

A Workshop on Hamid Naficy's Social History of Iranian Cinema

  • Kaveh Askari (Western Washington University)
  • Negar Mottahedeh (Duke University)
  • Narges Bajoghli (New York University)
  • Brian Edwards (Northwestern University)
  • With responses by Hamid Naficy (Northwestern University)

February 20

Haun Saussy (University of Chicago)

April 17 Charles Taylor (McGill University)

May 11

Image Ethics: (Northwestern University)
Professional Photojournalism and Public Commentary in the New Media Environment
Alice Kaplan Seminar Room (Kresge 2-370), 9am to 4pm

This symposium will be devoted to analysis of the images and commentary in an online debate following the exposé at BagNewsNotes of a photograph from Paolo Pellegrin’s award-winning series, “The Crescent.”" Presenters include Michael Shaw, the publisher of BagNewsNotes, as well as Meg Handler, James Johnson, Jens Kjeldsen, Peter Meyers, and Joseph Rodriquez.

To encourage robust discussions, attendees are encouraged to read the relevant online postings postings and accompanying comments in advance to the symposium (links below).

BagNews: When Reality Isn’t Dramatic Enough: Misrepresentation in a World Press and Picture of the Year Winning Photo
NPPA: Paolo Pellegrin Responds To Claim Of Misrepresented Winning World Press, POYi Photos
BagNews: BagNews, Paolo Pellegrin and Reading the Pictures
BagNews: BagNewsNotes Response to World Press and POY Pellegrin Decisions, Controversy Overall
Lens: A Prize-Winning Ethics Lesson?