School of Communication


The MFA in Documentary Media is a professional degree designed to provide students with the knowledge and skills needed to create compelling documentaries and other kinds of media using documentary methods. As the line between narrative fiction and nonfiction continues to blur, this program aims to be expansive, encouraging hybridization and connectivity across disciplines, formats, and genres, equipping students with a diverse set of skills to tell meaningful stories and pursue creative and professional opportunities. Participants will make traditional documentaries, apply narrative techniques to documentary forms and apply documentary techniques to narrative or emergent media projects. Over the course of this two-year program, students will learn, work and grow together to form a close-knit artistic community.

After completing our Documentary Media MFA, you will possess:

  • A full portfolio of diverse work, including a 12-20 minute documentary, narrative, or emergent media project
  • The skills necessary for navigating the increasingly hybridized world of media production
  • A network of new colleagues, consisting of the program's faculty and visiting artists, who include media makers, producers, and festival programmers.
  • Business acumen for positioning yourself and your work upon graduation

During this two-year program you'll have access to:

  • A $5000 grant to help produce your thesis project
  • First-class technical facilities and equipment to realize your work
  • Internship opportunities in Los Angeles, New York, or Chicago to give you an on-the-job understanding of the industry
  • A world-class faculty with real-world professional experience
  • Well-positioned alumni who are actively invested in your future

In addition, you’ll be guaranteed:

  • A $6000 dollar tuition reduction for your first year of enrollment
  • At least a one-quarter teaching, teaching assistantship or research assistantship position during your second year of enrollment

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